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Review Policy
Read this before you send me any articles!

As a designer, you are welcome to submit articles for review, however, we reserve the recuse blog item. We will not blog everything that you send... we blogged what we like, if we do not like, do not we blog... simple as that. Please send all items you wish to be reviewed along with a notercard outlining information about the item (ie, price, free or not, whether it is new, availability, location, if some event, etc.) and also a milestone for its store. I would ask that if you send me a skin, send me along image samples of colors available.

If you still have a question, send a notecard. Do not talk to us because most messages are not delivered.

I do not have a specific time-frame in which an item will be blogged. This will usually depend on availability, style and theme. It could take 2 days or it could take 2 weeks, so please be patient. Do not send me items from nothing, leave me a notecard telling me what comes, what sells... sending the link to shop the market, if you have too! Or any information that encourages and facilitates... as promotions, trade shows... please, I will reject items that do not have any information!

I judge items considered for review by quality and personal style only. I am not biased towards experienced/inexperienced creators. When you send me a package of skins, or various colors of clothes, shoes... I will not post them all, I'll post the colors match the look as a whole! In other words, I would like to ride clothes instead of posting a lot of photos with all possible colors!

Items I am most likely to blog are:
  • Clothing/Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Hair/skin/cosmetics and other avatar components (not shapes)
  • Clothing with Physique body appliers

Any items that I choose not to review will simply be thrown away, I will only notify the designer if I have chosen to blog the item.
✩ Thank you for your attention and sorry for my bad English. Kisses (´ε` )♡
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